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Abbey of the St. [32x44]

Thanks to the portal, the temple of this abbey has quite a few visitors. Adventurers who are famous for good deeds and who complete a couple of tasks of the head priest can receive a useful amulet that allows you to open a portal directly to this temple from anywhere in this plane once. Divine magic can save your life if you show up here in time.
Imagine that you have fallen into a trap from which there is no way out. You miraculously survived. Around there are many corpses of those who are not lucky just like you. Here is the second part of the trap, which leaves no chance, it will kill you. Searching everything around, looking for at least something that can save you, you find an amulet and manage to figure it out and find yourself here, in the realm of goodness and peace.
It will be worse if you activate this amulet during the battle. After all, enemies may follow right behind you to continue the fight. It is unlikely that the priests will like it.